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  1. I've recently gotten into coin collecting after inheriting my grandmother's collection. I'm starting to add new pieces myself and I've run into a minor problem. I bought some coin pages to store my 2x2 flips. They're giving me two problems though. First is that if I'm not very careful when inserting or removing the flips I'll sometimes tear part of the pocket from the backing. Second is that the pockets are top-loading, so if I'm not careful when carrying the book some of the flips can slide out of the open tops. In the collection I inherited my grandmother had used these much more well designed pages. The attachment of the pockets to the page are much sturdier and I would have to try very hard to tear it, also they are side-loading in such a way that each column's opening face one another, so if the flips wanted to slide out they would just slide into the opposing flip, and so they can't fall out. I thought it would be a simple matter of resigning myself to spending more to get the good ones, but I can't seem to find these anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get these better quality pages?
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