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  1. Thankyou very much, a very interesting article. If i could only get my camera to take satisfactory close ups i would like to upload them so someone could help me grade them, a 1901 and 1902 silver dollars and two peace dollars 1921
  2. Hi, as a newcomer to the world of coin collections, can anyone help me understand the significance of Peace dollars. I have several but being English and living in Spain for many years American coinage and its history are unfamiliar to me. What is the difference between peace dollars and silver dollars
  3. Anyone have any info about a coin i just unpacked. It is in a seethrough presentation box, printed on the coin is the centenary years, 100 Dollars and is made of gold Sorry every one, had two coins side by side and mixed up their details, please ignore the above. The coin in question is a 1979 proof 100dollar commemorating the year of the children
  4. HI, completely new to this. What is the best advice or tips for producing images of my coins to show them at their best. I only use my camera for snapshots. It is a Sony DSLR A380
  5. Hi, in the collection i just inherited there are a vast number of Norwegian coins. I havnt sorted them yet. My father in law was in the Norwegian merchant navy for many years and also collected proof and mint condition coins from whatever country they dropped anchor in. My problem is i dont yet know how to tell them apart except those that are obviously printed on their presentation boxes etc
  6. Hi, still going through all the coins. I have quite a number of different peace dollars and also opened a presentation box to discover the biggest coin i think i have ever seen. Any comments or any info on it would be good. The coin is sealed in a transparent container and there is a certificate of authenticity dated 1st February 1974. It is a Panamanian 20 Balboas dated 1974 containing 2000g of sterling silver.
  7. Thanks, I live in Southern Spain and numismatics doesnt appear to be high on their list of interests. The internet has so much conflicting info especially regarding the American coins i have, including an 1883 Carson City silver dollar with carson city mintmark, that i feel i am going round in circles and i really do not want to post upwards of 400 coins to a stranger. I have ordered the catalogue of world coins so maybe this can allow me to filter out only those that would need a further appraisal. Thanks for your suggestions Kevin
  8. We have inherited a coin collection of coins from around the world including a number of Canadian commemorative silver and gold coins. They are in their own presentation cases with descriptions of their issue. I would like to know how to assess whether they are uncirculated, proof or prooflike etc and how to gauge their quality. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Kevin
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