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  1. i'll take a set if u have any left bgaoldies@yahoo.com
  2. what happened to my reply?? i replied then checked it and it was gone
  3. auld- i second that! what a beautiful set of Vickies!
  4. $3-5 to me is a little steep, but to a serious collector whos looking for everything, it's a good price. i just got some penny rolls at the bank.
  5. everything makes perfect sense! thanks guys!
  6. the collecting "bug" seems to have bitten me! im going to start looking for error pennies in my change and at shows.
  7. what does that mean? and what grade would that be?
  8. anyone know of an accurate grading guide?
  9. i love the top one! i am partial to the "young" head vickys.
  10. VERY impressive collection, Auld!
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