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  1. I'm a podcaster and journalist in NYC working on a story about Chinese practice money. I came across some realistic $100 bills with Chinese writing stamped on the side. The internet says they are used for training bank tellers, but I'm skeptical. The notes are illegal in the US according to the Secret Service. Is the stamp just plausible deniability for the sellers, who are all over Ebay and Amazon but constantly having their listings removed hours after posting due to anti-counterfeiting rules? Or are these notes really used in China, where cash counting and handling does seem to be on a whole other level? Does anyone know for sure? Do other countries use practice money like this? Thank you!
  2. Hi Erwin, I'm a journalist working on a story about Chinese practice money. I found one of your posts and wanted to ask you about it. Email me adrjeffries at gmail. Hope to talk to you soon!
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