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  1. Thank you, that helps. I have pre decimal full set too barring a few coins. I have a half crown set from 1970 back to 1908 and most are uncirculated as I thought if I’m going to make date runs the get the best grades I can.
  2. Hi there, new on here and need help. I am currently collecting a complete decimal coin set but can’t seem to find any 1969-1970 proof set. I have all the other years but these two years are eluding me. The only 1970 sets I can find are the last of the pre decimal ones which I have. I have 99% completed my pre decimal sets with just a few coins needed. Theses are the 1927 florin which is nearly £200 as only 12,000 were minted so unlikely to get that any time soon so decided to go on and start a decimal full coin run. any advice will be greatly received. Troy
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