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  1. Thank you for sharing the information! Though for some reason i cannot see the pictures that you attached. Are they still available somehow? Best regards, Olle
  2. Here is my coin, 1758, struck on 1 Öre SM 1731 (the year under is more visible in reality). Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Hello! Interesting. I can tell you that my 1 kopek/1 Öre SM also are cut pretty much alike the first of your here shown coins, and the extra 4 grams of copper were probably reused. Though I do not think that my specimen have a new egde, my memory tells me that it partly has the old edge from 1 Öre SM and the rest is just a plain, cut egde. But I'll check on that when I have access to my coin again!
  4. Hello everyone, thank you for the response! I do not have my overstruck coin at hand right now, but I'll try to show you a picture soon. Yes, the Swedish "Avesta 5 Kopek" of great interest for me, at the moment I have one 1787. For now I'm happy with that and focusing on getting a 2 kopek struck on a 2 Öre SM. A parallell to this coin also exists in the Swedish coin history. When Sweden began production of 1 and 1/2 Skilling in 1802, the old 1 and 2 Öre SM were devalued by 50% and an overstriking program took place, the 1 Öre SM were overstruck to 1/2 Skilling and 2 Öre SM to 1 Skilling.
  5. Hello everyone! Very interesting coins, nice to see pictures of your specimens. Also I have one in my collection, 1757 struck over a 1 öre sm 1731. My specialist area is Swedish copper and just recently discovered these coins. I've noticed that in Brekke (1977) there is a 2 kopek struck at a Swedish coin, though not mentioned what type of coin. Closest to hand to assume because of the 1 öre sm it might be a 2 öre sm, though their weight is 28,3g, maybe also they were cut down. Does anybody know anything about that?
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