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  1. ok, but on first picture looks like year is 1756 ?
  2. i've got this one denga 1756, i could not find any in any catalog: 1766 yes, i could not 1756, any reason or i am looking in wrong place ?
  3. Do you know of any web services like this for Russian coins ?
  4. it is a coin: Pricy http://cgi.ebay.co....TRK:MEWAX:IT
  5. I found this coin for sale and seller is asking 110$. I checked Konros 2009 and i could not find it there. Seller posted description: "Weight of coin : 4,55 g; Diameter of coin : 22 mm Mintage: 611 thousand pieces" Please help to identify if it is real of fake
  6. thank you, i was looking at prices on ebay, this is the cheapest one. Thank you for an advise
  7. i found this one, thinking to buy it, not sure it is worth 90$ , need advise as to real/fake one .....Thank you for any advise
  8. very nice collection ! Congratulation
  9. why do you think 1711 is fake ? do you think this one fake as well ? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  10. it is original, but price , i would say 1$ or 2$. It is not that rare.
  11. I have this coin, it is overstrike, i am not sure on what coin, can anybody help me with details? Many thanks
  12. i came across this coin, i have this one for 15 years, i do not know what year and denomination, please help thank you
  13. hi their, yes - you are right. I am a new collector. I collect coins that i like. I am really appreciated advises and expertize that i am getting here. Bog thanks to one-kuna !
  14. this is my resent treasure 2 kopeks. Pavel's recoining MM, Edge-netted. 20.48 Gr. reference: Konros,9th edition 2007 i am trying to figure out what it was before? I can read through overstrike ЧЕТЫРЕ , it means four .... i might be wrong
  15. this one came from china town in New York,so there is possibility for being original
  16. great! At least i did not spend much to this set ! , but in that bunch of coins i've got this one as well i saw this one was selling on ebay for 25-30$
  17. thank you, i will have second coin in my collection with error
  18. i've got some year coins, i have no idea what year is that. may bi someone can help me 1 2 3 4 5
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