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  1. Really? Someone else told me it was a war bond and gave me this link with a page that looks similar to this one. http://www.scripophily.net/japan1.html I also found this site with the exact same page on it (2nd from last one). Says "15 YEN JAPANESE PATRIOTIC SAVINGS BOND" Only difference in this one is that there is a #2 where the #5 is on mine. http://www.pomexport.com/O%20-%20JapanBond...0-%20JBONDS.htm
  2. I found this in my grandfather's war album with some US/Filipino and Japanese currency. It's a little tough to take a picture of because the two top corners are are stuck to the album page. I'm curious. Would this be worth anything? Front Back
  3. Yes, the top right of the shield is a little worn, but not much. I'll try post a better picture later.
  4. I found these two coins in my dad's collection. Would these have any value? 1.) 2.)
  5. I found this in my grandfather's coin collection, too. Would this coin have any value to it?
  6. My Grandfather was in the 873rd Engineering Aviation Battalion in the pacific during WWII. I found these in an envelope along with many other coins. I'm guessing these are Japanese coins he picked up while he was there? I also have paper money as well, but I have to dig the photo album with his war pictures out of the attic to get those Can anyone tell me anything about them? Like what the symbols mean or if they'd have any value? 1.) This one is made out of a really light metal. 2.) 3.) 4.) And this one is a US/Filipino coin. Clearl
  7. Hello I'm Jack, Yesterday, I noticed these strange stamps on two $5 bills I had and after like an hour searching google, I found out they were called chop marks. According to Dictionary.com, chop marks are "a notch or other mark made in a coin to indicate verification of its authenticity, esp. by a banker or merchant in the Far East during the 18th or 19th centuries." Is this correct? Only thing I'd like to know now is which far eastern country these are from. I couldn't find anything on google. These first two pictures are on the same bill. 1-2)Year-1999. Second image says "cc3".
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