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  1. You may look a Ebay passages on WorthPoint, for ex. Was in 2011, 2016, 2017.
  2. James Earle Fraser (sculptor) (1876–1953)
  3. Yes, I agree, for D&C such medals, rather, is rare. ANNA OTTENDORFER DISPENSARY (1907) d=51 mm
  4. Presidential Coin & Antique Auction Eighty-Four P. 148-149.
  5. I'm looking for any adding information about this medal. Obv.: M.P. Sov. Grand Commanders: James D. Richardson - Southern J., U.S.A., Barton Smith - Northern M.J., U.S.A. and John Morrison Gibson - Canada. Rev.: Second Quinquennial International Conference Supreme Councils Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry - Washington, D.C. October 1912. 1912. Gilt bronze. Dieges & Clust N.Y. d=3 inch. I'll be glad any tip about a book, a article, a catalog etc.
  6. From my collection and open spaces of Internet. Joules-Edouard Roine Society of Beaux Arts Architects Award (1894) Ernesto de la Cárcova Exposición de Higiene Buenos Aires (1910) Ludovico Pogliaghi Touring Club Italiano (1911) Louis Bottée Alexandre Millerand president RF (1920) Bertram Mackennal In Commemoration of the Olympic Games Held in London (1908) Paul Richer Medaille de Chirurgie Lannelongue (1910) J.-E. Roine Aux Armes Citoyens Formez Vos Bataillons (1917) Hans Schule
  7. One of the most famous medals of W.A. Sinz. Cleveland 125th Anniversary Medal. 1921, bronze, 51.1 mm.
  8. 89 mm, bronze. Walter A. Sinz (1881–1966). Not everywhere we may to find information about author.
  9. John Francis Paramino Governor James Michael Curley Medal (1936). The way of images a face very similar, but signatures different. And works of Paramino closely related with Boston.
  10. Signature on obverse - JP. James Ponter or John Francis Paramino? Who know?
  11. Bronze medal. MACo. 70 mm. Was sold a few months ago on Ebay. Year? Author? Who have information? Kind wishes
  12. Thank you, Ian. But I meant full name C.F. Simms, years life, another medals etc. Search on 'Google Books' this info don't give too. But may be I badly seeking.
  13. 1920'S? Tiffany & Co.? Octagonal. Bronze. Signed C.F. Simms (on obv. under words "St. Paul's", on rev. under open book). I find only information - Charles F. Simms. May be somebody knows more? Thanks.
  14. In 1916 Kilenyi was 28 years, Swanson - 25. According biography in 1913 Kilenyi was in Argentina. Question - may be they (or Swanson one, becouse K. was in another country) was very young to have the order for inauguration medal?
  15. Dear 'readers', please, don't hesitate to be 'writers'.
  16. We know Kilenyi from 1907 to 1916 was in Argentina. Probably, phrase 'Style of Julio Kilenyi' misleading rather. No? Woodrow Wilson First Inaugural Medal, 1913. Federal Reserve Banks Establishment Medal, 1914.
  17. I met information once, author 'SPRINGFIELD, MA 300TH ANNIVERSARY BRONZE MEDALLION 1636-1936 (William Pynchon) - Joseph Kiselewski. Kilenyi often used signature 'JK'. Kiselewski medal 'World Peace' 1945 (SoM 33) was signed 'JK'. Have some opinions?
  18. A few days ago I became the happy owner Thomas A. Buckner 40th Anniversary Medal (1920). I could not find information about author before, but I was sure it was Kilenyi. Now I know true. Kilenyi! The name into circle, under shoulder.
  19. Ladies from Kilenyi medals. Distinctive style had given cause for reasons to think about real author ‘New York World's Fair Special Award of Merit Plaquette’ (1940).
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