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  1. Thanks for reply - very interesting example... who would think of looking for a missing dot !
  2. Cheers Andy - I was always interested in mis-struck coins when I was a lot younger, in the days when all kinds of interesting stuff could be found in bags of change. Any ideas on any value on mis-strikes, and interested dealers ?
  3. Don't think there is much response on this one Fiona. I too would have thought it to be a forgery, if it wasn't for the fact that it came out of an Asda self scan checkout that was only issuing brand new coins. I'd ask the Royal mint, but past experience shows they can't be bothered replying.
  4. As opposed to the above, I got a forged 2004 bridge £1 coin last night. Really blurred. It seems strange that someone would go to the trouble of forging a one off design that people will take notice off, when some £1 coin designs are much more common and keep repeating every few years.
  5. Wow, never knew it was so difficult to photograph a coin !
  6. Will try and oblige as soon as I get time. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Is there any value in mis-struck £1 coins ? I often get brand new coins in my change from Asda self-scan checkouts. I have had five 2009 £1 coins in the past few days. It's interesting to see the differences - three are very bright silvery gold colour. One is a much deeper gold colour, the other is more of a mixture of the two, lighter colour with a darker lustre. One of the £1 coins seems mis-struck - the date is completely missing and everything below the R of REG FD. Just sort of a scarred flat surface. On the opposite side the D of POUND is blurred. My initial thoughts were that the coi
  8. Hi ! Just found this site while searching for info on a damaged (or forged ?) £1 coin I have found. I really must dig out my coin collection, I left it at my mothers 35 years ago when I married. Hopefully it is still there Since then I had a brief relapse in 2005 when I bought a load of Royal mint Gold proof sets - which I recently found out was the wrong thing to do as the price of gold has soared.... but no one wants Gold Proof ! Never mind, they are good to look at.
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