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  1. Found it. It's a 1859 Swiss Payerne agricultural competition. Cheers
  2. Hi everybody, i've found this Medal into Grandma box . I've identified as Swiss Medal on 1859 year. Unfortunatelly it's many oxidized but on the first face it's possible see 5 shields from 5 Cantons: 1 Valais ( VS) - Wallis 2 Geneva (GE) 3 Lausanne (VD) 4 Fribourg (FR) 5 Neuchatel It's impossible for me find more infos. I don't know if it's a Medal or Token about which commemorative event. It's possible read these letters form second side: LES PAYxxNE ( LES PAYERNE or PAYENNE i suppose) Who can help me ? This Medal have a Value? Regar
  3. Hi everybody, i'm new here and glad to found this Forum. Regards. Andrew
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