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  1. Which one do you have? There are three coins of 10 Zlotych of 1971. One has "Wheat over the world" on reverse and the second one has "Atlantic turbot fish and ear of barley on top vertically". The third one has "Baby nursing" on the reverse. The first one and the third one are "Proba" (Trial) coins and only around 50,000 minted so they are not common coins. The second one was minted for around 2,000,000. All of these are Cu-Ni coins. However, first and third ones have another composition which is only Nickel. Only few hundreds were minted and they are rare.
  2. Thank you. America has never produced an FAO coin and probably that's the reason you may not be aware of it. FAO coins are very popular. However, many FAO coins were minted in the US. Here's the brief - In 2,500 years of numismatic, or monetary, history, FAO Coins constituted the first international issuance with a common theme: FOOD FOR ALLUN’s FAO council launched FAO money program in 1968. Since then, 150+ countries have participated in this program by issuing circulating and commemorative FAO coins in around 1200+ different varieties. These countries issued around 7 billion co
  3. Hello, I am a new member. I am thrilled to be part of this group. I collect FAO coins for past many year. I am not very far from completing the entire world's FAO collection. I would be happy to interact with other collectors in the similar area. I have a Facebook group for FAO coins. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1769675763051558/ The main purpose of the group is to educate and share knowledge on FAO coins. This group will provide lot of insights and information about FAO coin program from the United Nations and details of each coin issued. There were around 1200 coins
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