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  1. Hey I have just checked the other website I asked for help, and they found out what it is!! Here is pasted answer: " The guy depicted is Kemal Ataturk, founding father of modern Turkey. This coin looks like a gold bullion coin. Here's the numista listing of the 25 kurus, but it could be another denomination: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces56980.html "
  2. I have successfully identified more than 100 different coins from my collection, only this one is left. I suspect it can be a medallion, as it doesnt have a numismatic value. Also there is a notch at the top - just the place to bind the string/chain to hang the medallion. The year is 1991 and there is only a bald guy and some stars. That might be from soviet union (Lenin?) or some other communist country. However the other graphics/art is more oriental. Let me know if you can help me, thank you!
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