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  1. Cheers for the heads up...how possible is that? Without damaging the coin? Il look into it a bit more.
  2. Hmm, it is strange...iv'e checked around the web and can't find a single similar case! I think it must be a very odd mint error. Hopefully wont attract to much attention and i can grab it
  3. Thanks, i always check coins as they come into where i work...this is the first time iv'e ever seen this "error". The queens head is not only on the wrong side...but also the wrong angle. Im going to count it as an error as i think it would make a nice little collection piece for my £2 coins. Even if it isn't an error...it's certainly something you don't see.
  4. I want to bid on a Two pound coin with an error...but is it an error? The head is on the wrong side...this is clear...but is that classed as an error. Iv'e never seen one with the head on this side. I won't post a link as i don't want to break any advertising rules...but if you search two pound coin error on UK Ebay...you can see it. Is it an error? Collectable? Thanks for any help! /Dave
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