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  1. I hate to brag about the Linde Medal. it is .925 Sterling and one of the best Silver Pieces I own. I jstu love that medal. it came in a Fleetwood little folder. I had a suspicion that it was silver of some type as I have bought 1 other of a fleetwood form the 200th celebratin of the Boston Tea Party. I asked the dealer if he knew the composition of it and he Snapped" Hell I don't know it only 2.00. um OK. so I bought all three Fleetwoods he had for 2.00 ea. Um Thanks Grumpy Guy.
  2. HI all, Hit one of the States coin shows this weekend Had a blast. Thought I would share some pics. This is one cool medal. .925 sterling only 3000 made (that week probably. ha. ) Charles Lindbergh 50th anniversary flight across the Atlantic.
  3. What are the best type of holders to get for currency? Thanks All. I like large notes and small as well.
  4. I am getting ready to sell a few Morgans, I have a 1921-D that is about MS 63 that has a Vam 1D I beleive. and I am wondering if this coin will bring any extra Value because of the Die Breaks? Not sure yet if I can post pics here or If I jsut have to link them? Thanks for any advice.
  5. Thanks Madison checking them out now.
  6. Madison, thanks for posting. Those are awesome. Nice looking Notes. Thanks again, Dan
  7. I was in the scouts and now my son is in the Cubs. We will buy two one for him and one for Daddy.
  8. I have been looking for some Bahama notes or others from the Caribean. Other than the Bay where is a good place to shop for these?
  9. Nice, Note. That is a pretty one. Love the Silver certs.
  10. Thanks All. Post up if there are any other folks from Nebraska on here. Always looking to meet fellow collectors. Dan
  11. HI All. Just wanted to say HI. I am from Nebraska and been involved in collecting coins for a couple of years. Now I am starting into banknotes. Yes I am addicted. Bought my first large currency and also some better quality small silver certs this weekend. now I am hooked. Love the artwork. anyways. Hope all is well.
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