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  1. Not sure of the difference between the 2. One has a flower design on the left and right and the other does not?
  2. It's quite possible they are. My uncles African Art collection was one thing. His ability to coin collect was another. i do need to get at least one tested.
  3. Thanks for the info on this. It's a start. I tagged above the ones in the set. Yes they all look pretty rough.
  4. Found it. Its called a Sycee. Wiki link Sycee
  5. Looking to find out what these are called. Got them with a silver coin collection but can't find them.
  6. Part of the Owen D Mort collection. Looking for a general value. Not for sale, just curious. Have a ton of stuff I have collected from coins to vinyl records to African artifacts. Decided to start cataloging everything.
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