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  1. Thank you. I could not even tell the mint from the Krause Catalog until you helped. The mint mark section did not seem to match up until I found the actual coin.
  2. Okay, have not gone through these and got individual pictures yet for omnicoin. Or done a good job of checking them yet. Picked these up at an estate sale. Done by one of the local companies. Just going through them I paid silver price plus a couple bucks for the whole lot, so even if there isn't any big coins still a decent deal. Some of the markings on the envelopes were wrong, like the ones marked Cuba 6 cents is actually a 20 centavo. Few other ones were off. The Cuban 1920 40 centavo is one of my favorites.Need to do some research to find out about the 20 centavos whether coarse or fine reeding. Probably coarse but might as well check.
  3. Picked up a group of coins at an estate sale. This one I'm having problems with. It doesn't really matter if its fake or not. Since the other coins I got are worth more then I paid. Got the lot for approx. silver price of the coins plus a couple bucks. I'm not sure if I have the pics right side up.
  4. got a error message The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request. The script had an error or it did not produce any output. If there was an error, you should be able to see it in the error log.
  5. Been a little while since I added any thing. I picked up another Texas Store token for my collection. Rube Sessions General Merchandise store $1.00 token. Wells Texas. Approximate date 1925-1940
  6. Did you ever check to see if the 1884 is an alligator eye? http://www.vamworld.com/1884-P+VAM-16 Not a premium on it but neat none the less.
  7. It's got the same contact mark at about 10:00 in both pictures, also same toning line on reverse. . so yep looks like the same one.
  8. You would think since this was known by the government something would have been said before. I mean it was publicly announced in feb. 2009. I'm sure the government had some notice before that.
  9. This week end saw a prime example of over priced coins at several little stops on a road trip. A common year barber half and quarter in polished/cleaned state. (Metal detector finds.) Wanting $100 for both. Says she was thinking about selling them for scrap but would not come off the $100 price. One guy had a couple proof sets. 1982 and 1983. Wanted $30 each and did say he would take $25 each.Seems like in these cases either they just think they can sucker someone in to buying them or over paid in the first place.
  10. 1,7,9 I do have a list. #1 But the finding the goiter 58 d franklin was a rush. Also picking morgan vams #7. I do like coins with associated history. I.E a "Name" but love the obscure tokens because of the history. #9
  11. Looks like you hit it. Multiple strike. Second strike off center.
  12. Its been struck just a little bit off center and fairly common. It is something you should keep an eye out for though. Most off center strikes don't carry a premium until they make to about 15% off center.
  13. To me if we became cashless, first thing would happen would be processing costs would probably be raised. Simple stuff like your kid wants to go to the corner store to get some gum or whatever. Great he has to have a card. Even with some kind of tap transfer ability it would still be a pain and could be abused or goofed up.
  14. Part of the money value would come from how many they find of them. If it's a low number then it could be worth a fair amount. You know how the registry set stuff works and people wanting to have complete sets. PCGS has a variety Franklin lovers set. And if it does get listed in the CPG it should be added to that list. So yep could be a chunk. Right now in the pcgs registry the number 1 complete set is and will no longer be complete. They don't list the same 1959 D or the 1958 D. But that should change.
  15. Went ahead and got the New Cherry Pickers guide. Just the Volume II. The franklin won't be listed but figured I'd like a before and after. It did get me looking at some of the other coins in my collection. (At least the pictures stored on my computer.) Several older pictures need to be retaken. I had saved as gifs and they don't have good resolution. One thing I don't care about the cpg. You would think it would mean its worth more. But a lot of them really don't have a premium. Or a very minimal one. You would think space would be better served by dumping a bunch of those and making one book instead of a volume I and Volume II. But then I guess they would not make as much off them.
  16. Well, a really slow trip for the coin. It finally made it out of the consultation stage and is in the grading stage at anacs. I'm hoping this part will go faster. So far at least a couple others have turned up. It is rated as a URS-3 which means 3 to 4 have been reported. Also it has the same designation as the other double chin franklins. a FS-402. 4 months is a long time to wait on grading. Most of the time has been listed as under consultation.
  17. Yep, have one generic form and work off it would probably be the easiest.
  18. Thinking about it. Add selling bank roll found kennedy halves but that money never saw my pocket. Went straight toward the purchase of a coin. But I guess it was a sale so highest I ever sold a coin for was silver price.
  19. Traded never sold. Picked up one of my gsa Carson City Morgan's in a trade.
  20. I pretty much stopped buying on ebay. Local dealers only. But now that I moved I'm not sure about that. The only "dealers" near by are pawn shops, we buy gold and silver places, and give me your money I'll invest in coins for you. I may look at vcoins more though. Main thing that ticks me off on some sellers is not having pictures or blurry long distance ones. At least give an idea what you are bidding on. Seen too many people bidding on blank pictures or some kind of circle thing.
  21. Here's a website with it. http://www.ipotad.com/pages/ah2.html
  22. From an ebay completed search they were a set of 16 originally. 2005 proof , special, and mint set. They don't seem to do well on sales.
  23. Steve, how about making a multiple sealed enclosure. (Glass, lead, tar, etc. ) Then put in one greek BC coin and a 2011 zincoln.
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