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  1. Looking to buy some banknotes if someone has come across the following:



    Any 1893-1897

    Any 1899 25 Rubles

    Any 1898 5 or 10 Rubles

    1898 1 Rouble - Pleske, Timashev, Konshin signatures. Pleske and Timashev looking for VF or higher, and Konshin looking for any condition.

    1899 50 Rubles - Any signature in VF and higher

    1909 10 Roubles - Timashev signature in an F and higher condition

    1909 5 Roubles - Konshin signature in XF and higher



    Looking for anything 1918-1947!

    Also, XF+ or UNC of some late Soviet notes (1961 100 Rubles, 1991 50, 100, 200 and 500 Rubles)


    Message me.


  2. Hello everyone


    I am looking to venture a little bit into currency collecting. I am wondering first off if there is a price guide for paper currency similar to the NGC guide online? Also I am looking for some recommendations... I have already acquired a Zimbawbwe 100 million dollar bill but that was just for the joke value of it. I am looking primarily for a good foreign bill that could be had for under $10 that's at least 100 years old. Any suggestions? Thanks.


    If you want foreign bills that are 100 years old or more for under $10, I highly highly recommend Imperial Russian banknotes. The 1898-1915 period saw such a ridiculous rise in inflation that many of the 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 100, and 500 Rouble notes can be had for very little (compared to other notes, and as I mentioned in another post the prices on these are starting to increase). These notes are absolutely beautiful, too, considered cutting edge printing in its time.

  3. Been away from collecting for almost 2 years now, and finally had the itch to come back and take a look at what I missed. Noticed right away that prices have shot up significantly, both for Russian coins and banknotes it seems. And like others have mentioned, the supplies that remain seem to be low quality junk rather than worthy pieces. Are prices just going to continue going up and supplies continue to be sucked back into Europe? Not quite sure where this trend is headed, it's not like collecting of Russian coins will die off, it seems it will simply just get harder and harder to get started or continue building a collection.

  4. So I've been away from my collection for about 2-3 years now, and decided to come back and see what was available on ebay and how some of the prices were looking these days... and I noticed a serious increase in price for all grades of Soviet banknotes (1940s, 1920s) and Imperial notes (especially the less common signatures for all denominations). Also, it seemed that very very few auctions are now from sellers in the US, everything is being sold abroad... are the supplies drying up? Are European collectors sucking up these notes and driving the price up? Any ideas about what's happening? I mean, it's great to know that my collection's value went up significantly if I were to sell, but it makes it harder to keep building it...


    Hopefully there are some other Russian banknote collectors here :read:

  5. These tokens (or jetons, not sure what to call them) are made from some sort of metal alloy (not silver) and each one has a 100% original Imperial Russian stamp (from 1880-1915) in it. As far as size, the rectangle is about 1" by 0.75" :


    Item 1:








    Item 2:





    Item 3:




    Item 4:




    Item 5:




    Item 6:




    Item 7:




    Item 8:




    Item 9:






    Each one will have an attachment of this type, so you guys can use them wherever you want:


    http://goo.gl/4EdD1 (The hook/string itself)

    http://goo.gl/A8qQ7 (Example on my keys)

    http://goo.gl/wDnXC (Example on a school bag)



    Price: $8.99, free shipping in the US. Payment only through Paypal. Guaranteed shipment within 24 hours of payment.

    Message me with any questions! I will respond within a few hours.

  6. If anyone has any Imperial Russian coins, medals, tokens, badges, copies of coins, I am interested in buying for cheap (really cheap). I want to make a keychain for myself, since I collect Russian coins, but I do not want to damage any of the coins in my collection and do not want to spend money to buy a coin to later damage it. So maybe someone here has a damaged coin, holed coin/token, something like that which they feel bad about throwing out but have no use. Even those cheap chinese fakes of the poltina, if anyone has one of those (eBay I think removed them) would be good since it can just be holed and hung on a chain. Let me know what you have and maybe I'll take it off your hands.

  7. Hey, everyone,


    I know this is not a coin, but figured the best place to post this is in the Russian coins forum where I know I'll find more people who can read Russian. Please help me with the inscription around this medal/token... what does it say? I actually read Russian (but my vocabulary is basic) but the words aren't making sense to me, it looks like there are a lot of abbreviations. What does this mean:


    "Попеч.имп. человек. общ. для сбора пожертв. на восп. и устр. бед. дет. в мастер".



  8. Selling the following US commemorative Mint sets:


    1992 Columbus Quincentenary (contains gold $5 coin, $1 silver dollar coin, and clad half dollar) - 0.242 oz of pure gold (AGW), 0.776 oz of pure silver (ASW)


    1996 150th Anniversary of Smithsonian (contains $5 gold coin, $1 silver coin) - 0.242 oz of pure gold (AGW), 0.776 oz of pure silver (ASW)


    Total: 0.484 oz of gold, 1.55 oz of silver


    At current metal prices (gold at $1882/oz, and silver at $43/oz), the value of the precious metals here is at $980. Free shipping.

  9. Rhino, are you sure this is by Russian mint? I see noting on the coins referring to it.


    Nah, it's not a Russian mint product, I didn't see any markings either and didn't see anything like it on the Russian Bank's site for items issued in the past. It appears to be private. The guy offering it told me the small one is 1/2 oz of gold, and the two larger ones are 1 oz of silver each. But either way, even if that is true without verifying it, his asking price was double the melt value so forget that idea...

  10. Hey, everyone... I was recently offered a set of Russian gold and silver coins from the year 2000 that is identical to these stock images I found online. The only problem is, I can't find any page that shows the gold and silver content in each coin. No weights, no purity... Anyone seen these before? Is there a site that might have more information on what the content is, so I can see what they are worth?




  11. Post only by registered mail, to a confirmed address.


    Like ccg said, send it by registered mail if it's an expensive item. Also, if you're using ebay make sure you set up your listing so that there is no doubt about what your buyer will pay for shipping:


    When you're making a listing, towards the bottom are a bunch of options for shipping. You can set a rate for domestic shipping, and then also set a rate for International shipping. Make sure you do that - don't just leave it blank or fill in a random value. Because if your buyer is international, and they don't read your shipping information and rules in your listing, when they go to pay for their item eBay will automatically apply your international shipping fee, making life easier for you. You don't want to run into a situation where an international bidder pays the domestic shipping rate, you send them an invoice for the rest of the shipping amount they owe, and they get bitter or refuse to pay.

  12. I'm never a fan of gold for whatever reason it is. Bought a 1900 5 ruble gold coin and sold it within a week for a mere 100USD or something like that. Still don't regret it.


    Guess the best is to lower your expectation to 5 ruble gold coin as they are more plentiful and cheaper. Thing is, I'm pretty sure most buyers are more than happy to hoard them at 400usd each in decent condition and resell them at a profit. Just the way supply and demand is.


    I'm the same way, I don't find gold very appealing. It's high cost means the tiniest coins are worth $$$$$. I prefer the larger, heavier, silver pieces of Russian currency, they are much more appealing to me.

  13. It used to back in the early 1990s before Russian collectors started buying up gold and silver like nobodies business. I can remember when 5 ruble coins of Tsar Nikolai going for $45. Now price of gold is factor, but they have a premium as a collectable now that was not a factor then when they were treated as mere old bullion. I try and find USA dealers with that "all Russian or USSR coins are junk" mentality so I can buy up rares for melt value only. It is not an easy proposition anymore though, people are getting wise. Collectors in Russia are driving prices now.


    Makes sense. And since I think it's safe to say that popularity of Russian coins will not decline, I guess the price of silver won't be affecting our collections any time soon, since it seems the numismtic premium "catches" or prevents any decline that might happen from metal price going down...

  14. Find a local coin dealer that handles world gold. They should be help to help you with a higher degree of security than a random buy on Ebay.


    Since the coin in any condition is still 0.2488 AGW, you're looking at at least $373 for any condition, even a worn disc of what used to be a 10 Ruble gold coin. Plus given their appeal and hsitory and colelctability, there's at least a small premium. I'd say unless you have $400 lying around, this part of your display may need to be changed. Include a photo?

  15. In the past few days, silver crashed 30%. And I noticed on other forums and on eBay that there was an immediate reaction from US collectors who are stocked in Morgans, 90% halves, Peace dollars, etc. etc. And eBay showed an instant reaction to silver prices, with final auctions ending within cents of what the price of silver was for a coin.


    But what about Russian coins? Are they affected as strongly by the price of silver? In my opinion, the answer is no, but I would like to hear other people's opinions, too. For example, even though a common Nicholas II 50 Kopek coin is only 0.2893 ASW, I've never seen it sell for $9.83, EVER, no matter what the price of silver is. Same thing with even common, worn 1 Roubles....


    If you guys agree that Russian coins are immune to price fluctuations of silver, why do you think that is? Popularity? Demand for Russian coins? Scarcity?

  16. Steve, that's the one. Thought it was ok but turns out I was totally wrong this time. Seller is insisting that it is genuine but I'm not keen on his response. Color is way too blast white and even though I have owned several cleaned coins, I have never seen it in such wierd color unless it is plated.


    Edge seems to be finely polished which is another weary sign. Had to escalate it to a claim in paypal as seller is not responsive - another negative sign. Have to wait and see I guess otherwise this is way too expensive for a counterfeit lesson.


    Glad you escalated it - a seller not responding is not necessarily a bad thing, Paypal has quickly sided with me on cases in the past if the seller wasn't responding to their emails.


    How much did you pay for this one?

  17. After seeing this thread, I decided to dig up my album of state quarters (haven't touched it in years) to see if anything happened to mine.... and surprisingly, mine all have a bluish/silver/gold/violet (hard to describe the combination of colors, it changes nicely in the sun or under different lighting) shades to them now... My album is a Whitman.

  18. I wish you would enjoy the coin when you get it. I may be completely wrong about it's condition. Hope I was completely wrong. Please show some photographs when you get it. Look at the one I own - scratched - yes, but I know what is in my collection:






    Thanks, I'll definitely post photos, and I appreciate your input regardless of whether you're right or wrong. You brought up the issue of corrosion and that patina being off, and that allowed me to share that concern with other people and get more opinions about it, something that I probably would have overlooked on my own, so there's no "right" or "wrong" in my mind, it was a valuable opinion.


    Nice Coronation piece there :bthumbsup: I like the details on it, I would be very happy with a piece like that in my collection. When did you acquire it? And if you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost, roughly? I got into Russian coins about 2 years ago, so I've only seen the more recent price trends on coins... I'm sure these pieces were much more affordable 5+, 10+ years ago.

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