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  1. Dose anyone know anything about Cuban coins, I have a 1916 25 Centavos, is it worth anything?
  2. It will be interesting to see how much is paid, currently @ £1020,00
  3. What do you recon is the chance of this being the real thing? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=250678123080
  4. Cheers, I searched under token and got this: The Washington Double Head Cent Token This is one of four interrelated Washington tokens of which three bear the date 1783 and two have the designation of "ONE CENT". This token, the Double Head Washington Cent, has no date but the bust bears a close resemblance to the one used on the Washington Military Bust token.
  5. This coin is double headed although one side is very faded - the good side just has Washington on it, no date - the poor side has One Cent can anyone help identifi it and date it if possible? Cheers Chrissy
  6. & it looks like the postage was no issue either, as I am selling to raise funds for a new baby & ebay take fees as well as paypal, it's not a great idea to reduce it further by taking any postal risks. Thanks to all for the help and advise on this
  7. It costs £5 to send a special delivery next day in the Uk - as I sent a coin to Glasgow a few months back and that is what it cost just for the postage I have put the postage down as far as I can and also a reduction if someone buys something else and a promise to refund if the cost is less, that's all I can do so we will just have to see if anyone bids!
  8. Thanks Bruce really appriciate your help
  9. I have put that I will refund the differance if less, I don't know how much it will be for overseas and this is the amount that Royal mail suggested for sign for
  10. Cheers the 1st 1/2 dhofari rail is 2164.4 grains = 14g the 2nd Saidi rail is 435.4 grains = 28.2 g
  11. Must have been the light in the 1st photo, it is silver in colour 26mm - 142.1 grains (approx 9.2 grams) here's a better photo (I hope)
  12. So they used the Obv, of BHM#2231, to be absolutely sure it is by Allen & Moore look closely at the neck truncation for a small A & M, your pic is too small for me to see. Unfortunately just because your medal is unlisted does not make it very valuable, but historically it is a great find. Yes your right, it's there
  13. Cheers, I'll put it down to £20 see what happens
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