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    coins, 9ball pool, unusual door keys emphasis on brass, seashells, stamps, sudoku, chess, New York crossword puzzle, going out friday nights, pilsen beer, walking and yoga

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About Me

Hi! This is the "about me" page, so here goes!


I am an outgoing and therefore talkative guy. Have many friends who are NOT coin collectors, and they dont even know I collect coins! In my spare social time, I attend coin auctions and endevour to make friends and overall am at peace with the world. likes are: parties, walking, parks and amusement, chess, 9 & 15 ball billiard pool game


My background, am a vintage electronics engineer from the era of the CMOS and FET transistors, fully updated on electronic systems that have been shrunk beyond visibility and therefore accesible only through mathematics, and to repair any part of "this" shrunken system - you just thrash the unit and plug in a new one! wow!


My age is nearing marvelous!


My goal is to collect as many silver coins from all over the world


My side goal is to become a prolific book writer, although it's still in it's dream phase.


All in all. I am a comic in training and my favorite is Robin Williams!


Thank you for reading





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