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  1. Yes I think apart from 'decorative value' complete rubbish. I think they have been sold on Ebay for 1p + hefty postage. The dealer I bought it from sold is for £18.00 so not too happy with that... I think I will try to trade it back for something else....
  2. Hi I posted this in another section. But believe this to be a better section to post in with a variety. What do I have here, and the value?? It looks like the R of FRE (head side) has been punched over a larger F. I can see a flat part of a letter sticking under the top of the R , and another bit further down in the the centre opening of the R which makes me think it is a larger sized F. What could the error/variety be and how might it have occurred??? I am interested in selling so would like to know how best to describe. Is it a very common variety/error. Nice find
  3. Hi what do I have here? Is it a Chinese Coin/Token? I would also like to know if it is a silver item , is so what grade. I am hoping someone can read the language. It weighs 185.5g Thanks Russ777
  4. Hi did they ever put larger letters on the die in error? The more I look at it the more it looks like a larger F that the first F of FRE. As there is a end of a letter flat at the top right of the 'R'and also a bit going through gap in the R. Could have a large F been punched in and then an R hastily put over the top?? Or were there no other letter sizes in the die makers letter tray. How would the error have occurred? We would not see the end of the middle stroke as that is shorter than the top stroke of the possible larger F. Anyone who could advice how this variety occurs
  5. Thankyou as a 'variety' what might someone pay?? How should I describe the variety for selling on Ebay Repunched??? R over punched another letter variety??? Thanks Russ
  6. So could be a genuine error then? Quite a nice find. Wonder if anyone has a list of varieties of this coin? Regards Russ777
  7. Hi I have this silver 4 sols 1691 The R appears doubled at the bottom possibly R over I ??? or something else. Is this a recognised error I do not have the specialised French coin books. It affects the first stroke of the R in FR. I was directed here from the predecimal site as they said there might be more specialist French coin 17th century collectors/experts. I realise the grade is quite poor but the error might lift the value. Could anyone help with what type of error it is I wish to sell on the Bay. Thanks Russ777
  8. Yes a lot made but how do they guage how many have been melted down for silver??? Thanks for the other coin (indian) one too!
  9. Thanks Marianne you are right real sneaky it is 1914. Why didn't I notice that! So a coin can anyone give a catalogue value/number? I cannot find another one for sale on the main coin seilling sites... Russ777
  10. Hi can anyone help identify and date this one? Obviously a dutch item. But what is confusing is there is no date. Surely not an early mule coin. Anyone who can help catalogue this coin I would be most grateful. Of course it might just be a token...
  11. Hi can I have your email to send you cam pics they cannot be loaded here?
  12. No mine is the normal one I see the difference! Thanks for your help!
  13. Have no idea about this coin please help Arabic ? Any help would be most appreciated Russ777
  14. Hi thanks for your help. I am a little confused are we saying if I have a non-rare variant eagle coin thge value is $70-$120 or if it is the rare variant eagle? Also where can I see a sample to see if I do have the variant? Someone said $20-$30 which I would say is quite low for a coin of this grade.... On another note. I was in Russia as a student and in a market in Moscow in 1990s when an elderly man with a tin of coins tried to sell them to me. I bought just one fearing they were fakes. I wish I had bought them all as they were all genuine. It cost me just $1 and was a genuine
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