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  1. ive just put it on ebay 10p error coin i believe
  2. got it in change a few months ago, i noticed it looked different so i kept it aside and only remembered about it the other day when i found a bag of foreign and old coins in a box round my mums house so i looked it out and thought id look into it. there doesnt seem to be any filing or wearing away of the edge, there are no marks at all on it and the rim seems the same size as every other 10p coin ive looked at
  3. looking through the bag there seems to be 40/50 coins most are foriegn dont seem to be any that would interest seasoned collectors like yourself alot of czech coins, american coins, 3x cypriot 50p and various pre euro eurpean coins the ones i like best is a one lilangeni coin from swaziland and a 100 pesos coin from colombia, i like them because they mustve travelled a fair distance to get in to box in my mums house lol the old coins i have are: a 1924 half penny 1963 two shilling coin and old 5p coin from 1968 and 2 old 50p coins from 1969 and 1981 also have one that lo
  4. thank you for your help with that mate
  5. no bother mate, thanks for your help alot more useful than the other guy
  6. im just looking for a bit of advice my camera doesnt seem to have a macro feature on it im afraid im sure the coin is the real deal
  7. haha yeah i know it means six million mate, just cant seem to get a decent pic
  8. managed to get a decent (i think) picture of the smooth edge but im not sure how to get it up on here also finding it hard to get a picture of the edge and the face of the coin showing enough detail
  9. not really got the best of cameras, (6 mega pixel) cant seem to take a decent pic any suggestions? also how do i post pictures?
  10. I have a 10p coin dated 1992 that has a completly smooth edge, every other 10p has sort of grooves in the edge. Looked it up and it says milled edge (sorry for my limited knowledge) Is this a fake or an error when the coin was getting made? It looks real, feels real and looks like a 10p coin in every other way Any info would be great Thanks Showtime
  11. hello all! new to the forum, just found a bag of foreign and old coins in a box and thought i would try and find out more about them showtime
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