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  1. Can anyone offer a value for this coin? It was part of a small collection I bought and it is for me, a token, rather than a coin.
  2. Hi Eric. I living and working in Ukraine where there are hundreds of these for sale. They start at around $2.00 each, but I doubt they are the rare ones you talk of. But let me know what exactly you are looking for and I will try and find some for you. John. Englishman living and working in Ukraine.
  3. Modern Maundy Money. Simple question. Is modern maunday money legal tender? One of my 10 year old students asked me and I do not know the answer!
  4. Thanks for the pointer. I did take a look but the prices were all in the Hundreds of Dollars which is out of my price range, but Thanks again.
  5. I am interested to have just a few Confederate Banknotes and do not want to spend a lot of money. What can I pick up for a few dollare and where should I look? Also I have seen Treasury Notes and Loan Certificates. Would this be worth a look? Any info most welcome. Thanks for any help.
  6. Very small world as I have been to Donetsk a number of times and will pass through next weekend on my way to visit friends in Lugangsk. I working in Ukraine for English Russian Language TV an educational chanel that is broadcast throughout Ukraine and Russia along with most other Russian speaking countries. Great fun but I now switch off the TV each time I see myself! Love the flee markets here but not so many bargains as you might hope for Now I know that you are here perhaps our paths may cross and we can talk collecting over an Obolon or Slavutich John in Dnepropetrovsk.
  7. Many thanks for the welcomes. Interesting to find a Scot in Donetsk, Ukraine while this Englishman in not so far away in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The world is such a small place. When I work out how to uplaod a picture I will post a question. Thanks to one and all
  8. Hello from Englishman in Ukraine. Just wanted to say Hello Englishman living and working in Ukraine. I collect, trade, buy and sell more banknotes than coins. Hope some of the members here will be able to help me identify a number of mystery notes I have picked up on my travels. Happy collecting, John.
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