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  1. Beautiful coins, wish I had more to add..
  2. Die deterioration will causes what some see as doubling. I believe that's what you have..
  3. Welcome to the forum. My family is from Italy, I think from around Sicily. Don't know exactly the history gets lost after a few generations.
  4. What kind of camera do you have? I'll help you find it.
  5. I agree, die gouge. I'd like to see that coin alex, please.
  6. Here's a site that will help you ID errors, don't forget to read what's on the left of the pictures. http://minterrornews.com/priceguide.html
  7. I think Moby Dick had this dime. Just kidding. Looks like post mint damage.
  8. I see they let you back on this forum coinartist aka jazzcoins and many other names.
  9. I see you've come back coinartist aka jazzcoins and many other user names.
  10. rockdude

    not bad

    That's Great, better then what I've found.
  11. Are you going to post a picture soon? Thanks
  12. Nice find. Never though of looking at that.
  13. Yes a picture is ncessary to determine if the rotation is off and by how much. Be sure to provide a way of telling north to south and east to west. And welcome to the forum...
  14. Great finds. They all look like the ones alright.
  15. Yep, I was thinking it could be a slight off-center if the alignment was off on both sides to the same side of the coin. Your's is just a mis-aligned die, very common.
  16. It's possible to find DDO's and R's anywhere. I found a 1941 DDO in pocket change. http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?showtopic=25961
  17. I was mainly wanting to see if the reverse was mis-aligned as well.
  18. Well with so many to look through, I think this one matchs the best. What do you think? It's listed as a 1960D-1MM-063
  19. If you find it we could continue with more examples here.
  20. It's also listed as CONECA: 1-O-III and Crawford: CDDO-001 I don't think any of them have it wrong. Let me explain it to those unfamiliar with class 3 doubling; The CONECA 1-0-III is listed as Class III, Design Hub Doubling. There are nine basic classes of doubled dies. Design hub doubling occurs when at least two different master dies are used to make a working hub. Each having differences in the design features. Then for some reason, one of each working hub is used to make the working die. The difference in design will create the doubling on the working die. The doubling is on th
  21. Sounds good, now to figure out where the auction forum is.
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