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  1. Beautiful coins, wish I had more to add..
  2. Die deterioration will causes what some see as doubling. I believe that's what you have..
  3. Welcome to the forum. My family is from Italy, I think from around Sicily. Don't know exactly the history gets lost after a few generations.
  4. What kind of camera do you have? I'll help you find it.
  5. I agree, die gouge. I'd like to see that coin alex, please.
  6. Here's a site that will help you ID errors, don't forget to read what's on the left of the pictures. http://minterrornews.com/priceguide.html
  7. I think Moby Dick had this dime. Just kidding. Looks like post mint damage.
  8. I see they let you back on this forum coinartist aka jazzcoins and many other names.
  9. I see you've come back coinartist aka jazzcoins and many other user names.
  10. rockdude

    not bad

    That's Great, better then what I've found.
  11. Are you going to post a picture soon? Thanks
  12. Nice find. Never though of looking at that.
  13. Yes a picture is ncessary to determine if the rotation is off and by how much. Be sure to provide a way of telling north to south and east to west. And welcome to the forum...
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