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    My wife, Coins, arts & crafts, sitting on a rock up in the mountains enjoying God's creation and thinking of nothing.

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Hi all! I am a retired Air Traffic Controller, helicopter pilot, aircraft accident investigator, and a bunch of other things. LOL. I have been collecting coins since I was 14. At that time, 1958, I was living with my Aunt in Kansas. One day my aunt said, " can I borrow your pennies for a loaf of bread?" Well there went 31 pennies mostly in the 1909 to 1930 range. We had supper of sorts and I still haven't tired of appreciating good looking and scarce coins! I am not an expert by any meaning of the word, but I have looked at thousands and thousands of coins, have read some, have Standard Catalog of World Coins from 1600's to a few years ago, belong to ANA and PCGS Collector's Club,so if I can be of any help, just let me know.



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