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  1. Welcome Rodney! I am fairly new to this community and have fallen in love with this site. As you probably have found out by now, there are oodles & oodles of info and experienced expertise here. John
  2. Greetings to you three!! Welcome aboard. I am quite new to this site. I am not an expert but I have studied DD's, owned, sold and looked at, who knows how many coins searching for DDs!!! Personally I believe that this not a double die but what are those odd things? You have nicely blown up pics, however, they are too out of focus or something and lacking the necessary clear detail to render a real accurate assessment. Hope you three enjoy this site as much as I do!!! Have a GREAT day! John
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I agree with the Vfox in that this is MD but not for the same reasoning and yes, the thing by the ear merits further research. In reading and viewing pictures in the aforementioned Encyclopedia your coin lacks two complete designs of approximately of the same height. Are there little raised ridges along the edge between the higher design features and the lower or doubled design features? There appear to be some here and there. This is
  4. Agreeing with the Steven's statement in that this appears to be machine doubling, hub doubling or die chatter, all of which are called machine doubling. The 2nd or doubled partial design is flat and not of the same height as the other full image design. The bottom layer is most likely, as previously stated, surface metal movement. A true DD will have 2 complete sets of the same design and be approximately of the same height, whereas the MD will be flat as it appears in your pics. My humble opinion for your coin. The descriptions given above are for those who may not know the differences b
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!! Identification of the coin: AFSHARID: Shahrukh, 2nd reign, 1750-1755, AR(silver) rupi, Mashhad, Iran, AH1168 (1755 AD). . A-2780. . KM-442, Extra Fine. Thanks again, John
  6. http://www.coinpeople.com/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif
  7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Art, I don't know if I can afford to sell you any of mu GEM Ike's!! LOL!! I have a couple but can't transact on here until I've been a member for 30 days. If you need some by then just PM me. John Have a GREAT day!!
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