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  1. Could we please see photos of the whole coin, obverse and reverse?
  2. It's is an under-appreciated series.
  3. I thought at first that maybe I had short-changed the mint as I took those photos pretty quickly. But ya know what Art? - You're right, those lips are not right - do the buisness strikes look the same?
  4. comes up fine for me...very nice specimen
  5. Not sure what coin I am looking at, but there does certainly look like an 'S' mint mark there - no?.
  6. Good old-fashioned, original surfaces, as God intended, toning counts too!
  7. Circulated and common but a favorite of mine that I picked up for $1 or $2 several years ago. Its color has changed a bit over the years but it was, I believe, classic sulphur-carbon monoxide induced toning.
  8. (blatantly artificial)
  9. Looks like KM # 14.1 Milan (or 14.2 Naples- can't tell for sure from the pic) 2.5 g, .8350 (.0671 oz)
  10. Sounds like you had a nice time at the show. It sort of snuck up on me and I didn't get around to attending - it's still on today, but as I may have mentioned earlier, when I have gone on Sunday, most dealer's have already left. On the RI ...I have one of these also, although a lower rgade, yours is a beauty. It always struck me how low-relief that one is compared to others around that classic commemorative era.
  11. I don't know when the silver proofs come out - the mint's site will say I am sure. The ones in the clad proof set above are the original composition cents - 95% copper, 3% zinc, 2% tin. I probably will pass on the silver set, but I do like the silver JFK's - you going to get a silver set?.
  12. That's the 'hot-lips" variety
  13. The new reverse of the Sac dollar is noteworthy. While the paper is around we don't seem to want the coins, so I don't know why five new ones in the year is going to change that. Nevertheless, I kind of like the font that is used. For me, the star of the show, without question is Abe! What other US coin can I get the first and last(?) dates that span 100 years! These are the first ones in 27 years that are copper. Moreover, I like all four reverses. Quite cool! As far as the service from the mint (this is often a controversial topic) - no problems. I ordered online, got a c
  14. I received my 2009 clad proof set from the mint the other day and thought some here would like to take a look at a few coins and maybe engage in some discussion. This is an 18 coin proof set containing four cents, nickel, dime, six quarters, half and five dollar coins. The state quarter program ends with a set of non-states? More likely, it begins the policy of changing the reverse on quarters every year forever - National Parks are next? The most impressive of these to me is Puerto Rico. I may go through my SQ book (yeah I have been sticking them in a blue Whitman folder too) and rank
  15. Terrific report! That one looks like a Netherland 2 stuivers - LINK
  16. (hey where's the pic Not sure what you are getting at...do you suspect the possibility of it *not* having a copper core? I think it is likely that you found one of those platinum plate jobs .... SEARCH LINK According to this page article link the copper core weighs 4.7 gms leaving 1 gm for a hollow one and, of course, some other weight for a different planchet. I gotta go with the platinum plate job as those were mass marketed.
  17. He also did a comemorative gold piece... LINK
  18. Here's a medal (design from Sinnock) that had been offered by the US Mint... LINK
  19. This is also one of his (I may try to reimage this one, but it is not a great specimen) and I think it is easy to see the style similarities with his other half dollar.
  20. ThermoChick Gets my vote for gimmick coin of the year.
  21. Nice hunk of copper! How was the show in general? I have missed the last couple of shows, despite good intentions. Did I read that it was not open at all on Sunday this time?
  22. Here's an an interesting thread on the subject LINK
  23. Terrific write up - very enjoyable to read.
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