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  1. I've got a thing for wings...
  2. I'm curious Drusus, because when I typed my response initially, I said it looked like a copy and I was thinking a cast. Then I actually edited it out those comments because that pic is so small and the details are so vague, I did not want to commit to that opinion (especially with a first time poster). You may in fact be right and you will get no argument from me, but what makes it so obviously a fake? I think it would be educational if you would describe the details that are catching your attention - for me it was more of a 'doesn't look right', but then I don't have much experience with anci
  3. Way too small of a picture to tell but in any event it looks like Vespasian and it looks like this one but there may be others->Wildwinds Link Vespasian AR Denarius. 70 AD. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head right / COS ITER TR POT, Aequitas standing left, holding scales & scepter. RSC 94a. More here -> Another Wildwinds Link
  4. Slightly misaligned obverse die (just enough to notice and these are rarely dramatic). See how the reverse is centered unlike with a collar error where both sides will be displaced.
  5. Whoa Drusus, that chap is a bit rough on the eyes.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous - this is from the series that includes the copper piece (and a couple of silvers) I posted. Is it yours? A non-trivial sum when I have seen these listed - but again, gorgeous!
  7. Another nice aspect of the series is that I think that they look quite nice when circulated...this one is maybe a VF..
  8. That one is a proof. I would call this one UNC although not a very good strike - I use it in my US dime type set.
  9. I'm not sure what to make of all these die varieties being spotted - Some of the extra fingers look interesting but everything I have seen is microscopic and the closer you have to look, the less exciting the variety - still it's nice to see that collector scrutiny and curiousity has not waned....didn't dl that doc yet but here were the best pics that I have seen so far - Lincoln Die Varieties
  10. Don't know, I do know that shooting through plastic is a pain
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