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  1. Very cool stuff - my favorite pic is "Fig. 10. Gold coins stacked in situ in remains of a wooden keg." - what a great caption!
  2. sheesh, are any of these sets *ever* really complete? I guess my most complete is SBA dollars, all MS and proofs with both type IIs. Also Jeffs, but no proofs, ditto for Roosies and Kennedys. The Peace Dollar set lacks only the 28 and that is a big aspiration for 2010.
  3. My two cents: It all depends on what you mean by "genuine doubling". I see doubling very clearly on your coin, even though the picture is somewhat out of focus, I do not see that it is from a doubled die. It looks very much like machine doubling (that also goes by other names). One sure clue is that shelf effect. Look at the 'D' or 'O', in particular and compare both impressions of the Ds or Os - the main one and the 'double', if you will. Clearly the double is a much lower relief - like a shelf. Now, if it were struck from a doubled die, both instances of the D or O would be the same r
  4. I don't think she is completely nude - there seems to be a thin, maybe see-through, Lindsay Lohan style garment there
  5. Added this silver 10L recently (KM# 80).
  6. Been slim pickings for me for a long time. Did manage to see a drummer boy... I don't really keep them as they are plentiful, but they catch my eye - a good design, I think. Also turned up a wheatie - those are always nice to see.
  7. I have received a few of these now and again... ... and maybe a SQ or two....but absolutely NO dimes or nickels. In fact, for the first time I can remember, it's late December and the only current date nickel I have received in circulation is this one... what's up with this?
  8. Yeah, sort of, kind of..I think that theories of cognitive dissonance, in general, state that holding dissonant ideas are inherently unpleasant. Furthermore, we will work to reduce the discomfort by attempting to reduce the perceived dissonance. So, for example, you spend a lot of time and effort deciding on a car to buy...and it's down to a Honda or a Toyota and it's a tough decision after you weigh all the pros and cons as you see them. You decide on the Honda. After your decision (and buying a car is a big purchase for you), you may very well attend to (and remember better) positive advert
  9. Not sure that you have that text right and you really need to show us a picture, but...does the large M look like that on one of these... LINK LINK
  10. I was unaware of any coal coins too - extraordinairy! Got me curious - all of these materials have been used in coins (well kinda - see the link) Carbon Clay Fibre Glass Leather Paper Plastic Porcelain Selenium Silicon Stone LINK
  11. The first coin is an uncentered broadstrike and looks like a legitimate error. The date is missing and it can be a relatively common error, interesting, but not uncommon. You can buy these for $5-$10. I do not believe the second one is an error at all. There is a 1991 obverse with a reverse that was last made in 1958. The coin (or coins) look like they were encased together somehow.
  12. Welcome. Yours is actually a very common situation - an inherited collection - what should I do? You ask specifically for advise on how to 'handle this collection'. First, let me say that I hope that you do not sell it - I hope that you keep it and build on it an become a collector yourself! So far it looks like a wonderful collection that was well organized and focussed. How to handle it? Well, it depends on what you mean of course. You don't want to do anything to decrease the value of the coins - no cleaning no handling with your hands etc. Leave them as they are until you lear
  13. I missed your post first time around and do hope you will come back with more info. Emmanuell was a numismatist?? No kidding. Can you tell me more about the 1911 series - were there any patterns associated with those awesome reverses?
  14. Nice set of photographs. I can see the doubling for sure, but it looks very much like strike doubling in contrast to a doubled die - tell tale flat shelf-like second image. - Just my opinion.
  15. Yup, I was going to post as much but then saw yours. More info on smalldollars.com (great site!) including a Spirit of America Medal with a 'funky eagle --> LINK
  16. syzygy


    In my opinion, your coin is not a mint error. It looks like a damaged large cent that has some cuts, corrosion and an odd kind of raised counterstamp. Again in my opinion, in that condition, it does not have a great deal of numismatic value.
  17. Cool. Stop in and let us know how you like it....and you *could* stop buying cameras for a few weeks and dust off the *other* collection P.S. I was lol over that RIP message - I hope it will be back some day.
  18. First of all, in my opinion, they are very good photographs, so I really am responding to the "Let me know what you think." Here's what I like. The sequence shots that include the the coin edge. That's nice and adds to the presentation. Not just the edge, but a different angle to contrast the head-on shot and show the degree of relief. A second one for the reverse might also be nice. The text - informative and in a nice font (not too artistic so as to be distracting). The small, sized (ruled) photo - again, very informative. I think you also have nailed the lighting pretty
  19. Some of the most artistic and beautiful coins and many of my all-time favorites. My own modest collection is linked HERE
  20. Thanks much for this. I browsed a bit and it appears that there is a great deal of scholarly work there...a definite bookmark!
  21. Seeing the whole coin it looks pretty clear that there is no mint mark, but likely the 's' is just a toning artifact. I have a faint recollection of seeing such an example on another board a long time ago. But it is a nice 1870 half dime.
  22. Hi stranger - I remember that roosie You have new digs and a new gig? how you doing?
  23. That is a really tasty trime and a good example of where an AU58 can be more desirable than lower MS grades
  24. Possibly artificial
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