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  1. Great transaction! So, what do you think can be done to improve online auctions or are you ok with them as is?
  2. ...just a collector having a good time
  3. I am also not able to answer the poll because I do collect them - at least casually. There are definitely some price issues with ancients, but you can engage in some degree of collecting with a very modest budget. I started with the Klawans and Bresett intro book and a few bags of 'uncleaned' ancients. Although this is a good way to start a slug collection, I did learn a great deal. After a while, I gained some idea of what attribution meant. Spent many hours on Wildwinds.com and a host of other sites. Moved on to Sayles VIII and an older copy of Sear's Roman Coins and their values. Also
  4. Noted and definitely true. That is a big plus for the buyer - enhanced availability. It is just the other side of the coin for the seller - increased customer base.
  5. I hear the point about some Internet auction houses having a Treasure find appeal, but I think that the searching for treasure aspect is a huge disadvantage because of what else it brings along. I am decidedly buyer-biased because I am focussing on the technological breakthrough for the seller that Internet auctions offer. Collecting as a kid, we always noted the difference between the Bluebook and the Redbook prices. The former was what the shop dealer might give for the coin and the latter was what you might pay to purchase the coin. Buy a coin at shop A - go across town to shop B and yo
  6. Over the last few years, I have read a great deal of message traffic concerning experiences purchasing coins via Internet auctions. Admittedly unscientific, my impression is that more of the messages have been negative than positive. In this regard, I wonder what folks believe the improved, or ideal Internet auction site would offer? As far as my own experiences: I have made about 40-60 purchases via Internet auction over the last three years. The number of purchases has declined over time. I have never been outright ripped off. On 5-6 occasions I would never have made the purchase if I
  7. Here is an 1873 from my collection. The top and bottom of "H" is connected - that might be the norm. The chopped 'F' and smooshed corn on your piece may be after mintage damage - not certain though.
  8. my oldest US coin - sluggish but still likeable
  9. 1893 *drat* akdrv beat me to the 200th post in this thread
  10. Another kind of crown
  11. syzygy


    It is a farthing - 21 mm. KM #705 Mintage:2.688M F:$4.50 Thanks for all of your help!
  12. syzygy


    Anyone recognize the country and denomination. British territory? Also, check out the date - does that look like an overdate? This was a 6/$1 coin but I am curious.
  13. Thanks for the info. I picked it up out of general interest and so I am curious about its origins. I understand they were private issues. You mentioned that the British mint had stated they were not legal coinage? Yet some of them (like my piece) have circulation wear. I will check the book you mention - I think I have seen it before.
  14. Ahhh cool. That looks to be the same as I purchased at a show recently. I read in this thread where you talked a bit more about them. I have not been able to find a whole lot on the net so far. This link -> LINK has one with a brass/bronze center.
  15. same quantal portion of denomination - 20
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