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  1. Hey I might get one through a round!
  2. Very pretty bimetalic but I gotta go with the Bison
  3. I do like the choo-choo but ended up going with the bimetalic
  4. That dinar is a very ornate modern.
  5. Perhaps it is a rotated die just as it appears to be - not sure they command a great deal of premium. It is odd if it is a rotation since it is so complete. For anyone who wants to know about coin vs medal alignment, I did some illustrative photos way back when and they are still there - LINK TO POST
  6. Another tough choice with the fasces-like pillar on the oriole making the difference for me.
  7. Caballito - one of my favorite Mexican coins.
  8. One of my all time favorite reverses on the gold
  9. Another tough choice..went with the 5c
  10. Very tough call, they are both outstanding.
  11. Even though I really like saying "groat", that 1687 is in mighty fine condition.
  12. I'm still riding on that horse.
  13. No disrespect to Lippy the Lion but I gotta go with the Beaver Coaster!
  14. Thanks much - I really have not been adding anything much in quite a while.
  15. The 100 zloty is certainly nice but the SAE is one great design IMO.
  16. Gotta go with my Probus - I love the silvering and level of detail.
  17. I love the pandas, but that is an absolutely splendid horse on the Albanian.
  18. I voted for the $3 and the bunny dollar is mine. I almost picked up one of those square $3 hunk of silvers at a Baltimore show - kind of wish I had - they're neat.
  19. hmmmm nekkie woman vs short guy with a hat....what to do what to do
  20. I like them both and think they are very close - went with my coin as the tie-breaker
  21. I also have one of the 1000 Kroners and like it very much. Still, I had to go with the 2 Kroner.
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