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  1. And ( do these count ? ) from my Austrian Notgeld collection which I have finally finished scanning ... 77 Heller ...
  2. Contacted both Krause and Owen. No response from Krause. Owen was kind enough to put me in contact with a china expert (Jim) who confirmed my suspicion that this is a fantasy. Shame, thought I had a rarity )
  3. Has anyone noticed that the images shown in SCWPM for French Indo-China P66 and P71 have differing serial numbers on LHS and RHS. I have just checked my examples and they too show this feature. Can anyone explain why this would be so. SCWPM does not mention this feature. For example, my ... P66 has Y320536 on LHS and Y045536 on RHS. and P71 has Y318945 on LHS and Y018945 on RHS. I'm confused !!! Again
  4. Hi ... any China expert out there ... can you advice me where this note is genuine or a fantasy ... there is no reference to it in SCWPM, but a gap in their numbering system where it should be ... please see scans at ... http://www.banknotebank.com/coin_view.aspx?id=924413 China ... Hupeh Provincial Bank ... 10 Cents ... 1940 ... SCWPM S2116 ???
  5. Hi ... would value members opinion ... is this an error note ... specimen / trial ... SCWPM unable to help http://www.banknotebank.com/coin_view.aspx?id=924338
  6. Many thanks to Gary for properly identifying this piece ... it is a ... Chinese Charm with 24 "Good Fortune" Characters and 24 "Long Life" Characters The most common Chinese character (symbol) seen on charms is fu (福) which means "good fortune" and happiness. The second most common Chinese character (symbol) appearing on charms is shou (寿) meaning "long life" or longevity. Has 24 different variations of the "good fortune" character fu written on one side and 24 different variations of the "long life" character shou written on the other side. Please check out http://primalt
  7. Would be grateful if anyone could identify some of these ... and maybe give a rough value ... if any ... side 2
  8. Would be grateful if anyone could identify some of these ... and maybe give a rough value ... if any ... side 1
  9. Can anyone identify this ... KM was not able to help me ... appears to b copper with diameter 44 mm depth about 4 mm ... cheers
  10. Phew ... thank god for that ... cos I have just sold it earlier on eBay and thought I'dmade a big mistake. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  11. I have one of these coins ... not the best condition ... say GOOD ... any idea of the price ... could not find it in KM
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