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  1. love these things, but can never identify them. i think this is ta chung
  2. not a medal i can find much on, there seems to be many types minted in 1909 so can't attribute this, I'm presuming it is one from 1909, but as i said, I know nothing about the exact one.
  3. cheers guys, pain in the backside hammered, but a i got a bulk lot so a fair few in mixed grades, surprised by what is there. I think it is a Henry Edward I, been pondering this for some time, trying to work stuff out from letter reminants and came to Berwick? possible? double checking there are no other coins other then Edward IV york issues with the key next to bust shortcross from when?
  4. this? few farthings here, i know little about them hate Edwards. and a cut half penny war of the roses? could be Rose, Sun... pansy mintmarks which doesnt narrow much down.
  5. what is the . before TOR? and the top 1, I have tried this but cant find anything on it I wasn't aware of any Tudor coins with a small crown above it, was loooking more to Europe for that one. and this thing?
  6. looked through china, Korea and Vietnam cant match it to anything
  7. no idea where to start cant identify the monyer or mint Edward 1 or 2?
  8. Henri III? but cant see a date and Mintmark of X
  9. cant find anything about the Histroy of this, who made, designed how many were made etc.
  10. I want one of these, they don't come about often though. I have some POW tokens though.
  11. not my pictures, but the bottom picture seems to be a soldier with a large triangular shield (but lie a kite shield but with a flat top) it is quite crude rather then single lines it is seperate lines. cant pin point this, but the crudeness says to me it is posibly early.
  12. got this in a small bunch of hammered for a Fiver (BIN newly listed \o/) along with a very wrn henry III short cross that was broke and a worn cut half of the same monarch this one http://www.auctiva.com/hostedimages/showimage.aspx?gid=457104&image=684984079&images=684984079,684984089,684984096,684984108,684984114,684984121,684984132,684984140&formats=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0&format=0 link to rest. if they are not Henry III do tell me and back to the pictured coin. the crown has stars on either side. of the crown (if they are stars) as there are so many differant markings it is diffuclt to pinpoint.
  13. all i see are cents and tokens, so i'll do the same, and throw in a penny
  14. hope it is soon, i got 1512 waiting
  15. yea you can't identifgy the reverse, because it doesnt have one, its like a brokage
  16. I got one like this , i thought it was accosiated with the church
  17. these are halfpennies, and very rare types. 1700 BRTTANNIA - 2nd one known and 1699 TERTVS error. and if you are talking about finds in bargain bins, how about this for 10p? and a few pennies i got for 5-20p each, later dates are cheaper less then 10 of these known (no colon after F:D) 1926 modified Effigy
  18. never knew there were many variaties of these, let alone rare ones,
  19. never bought grab bags myself, bought the odd bulk buy on ebay. and looked through masses of bargain bins. I suppose Bulk buys on Ebay where you can't see all the coin so. got this on ebay in a small group with only obverse showing. this one in a buy i saw both sides in, got for similar prices as well. although you could see the contents of the purchase in question.
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