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  1. as we usually do, with new years
  2. yea, not seen many full ones, usualy little bits of wire money.
  3. do pop up quite often in decent grade these. Austrian 3 krauzer. Z4 usualy means 24, so possibly of 1624, on yours, couldn't tell you the mint but mine is Graz
  4. was refering to the portrait rather then the coins themselves.
  5. these are curved... they look cool with the ball design though.
  6. 1862 halfpenny, B over R in in BRITT, unlisted in all but gouby, who states there are 2 known (more then 2 known seeing as I have seen 3) one sold in Near fine at London coins for £2,600, this one is near VF another on Ebay in AUNC for £4,200. bought it for £15.
  7. ugly coins? sure spoilt for choice with modern coins.
  8. one of my current faves, love the colour of this, due to the grade which is at the higher end of the scale obverse is also weakly struck, my favourate part though is the slanted C in СПБ
  9. never seen anything like it, both sides have a head on, very crude James III plack? early Medeival french denier? (say 1100 to round it) this one i cant pin down, except a few centures after the previous uniface pfennig
  10. RM cant even manage the current design properly, let along manage one with little features.
  11. c1172 hungarian Bella III very thin copper coin 1153 -1186
  12. and more 1753 c.221 ext-rare type (BRITANIA) rare narrow date 1772/1
  13. forgot about this thread, lets add more some are bronze 1695 farthing on thicker then usual planchet 1691 bawbee rare variety I over E used as an L? i dunno GVLILLMVS error
  14. http://www.medievalcoinage.com/earlydated/1501s.htm found this site if you need a hand looking
  15. depends, need a clear picture of the obverse
  16. 1696 Sixpence with Scottish arms to date, turned into a love token 1697 Halfpenny with missing N in BRITANNIA
  17. probably a regional issue, from a county or a town had this one a while
  18. put a couple of angles of the 0 in, so you can see what remains of the curve inside it, and a little lump on top of the 0 which could easily be a 9.
  19. a fair few popping up on Ebay UK atm so, scooped up a couple more, which arrived today, not paying much for them either. these ones are smaller though thanks for Identification.
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