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  1. coins you spent less then a set amount on? sounds like a fun one tbh, would be interesting too see what turns up in those categories. buying for PCI? difficult one tbh, I buy coins for PCI, that I like myself, so it is a bit of both.
  2. the 18 has clearly been recut, however the 2 is over a 1, can see the rear tail under the back of the 2, and a lump at the top of the 2, as well as one sticking up in the middle
  3. some more what is this struck over? clipped plancher was very cheap
  4. and the wire money tzars
  5. yea. do dablle into the odd swedish coin. 1803 1/4 skilling with planchet chip, cant see an overstruck coin having one this big do have this 1749. I still have a 1719 and 1720 to upload
  6. doesn't seem to be going anywhere yet, the silver still selling very well on ebay atm.
  7. the silver date letter is 1933, the item is dated 1934.
  8. depends how much is too much, Solid silver earlier then 1934 I think. the key value is the masonic link
  9. not specifically £1 ones. they are just used often.
  10. whats its value? I cant understand Russian so, hard to read the information.
  11. I dont have a 1730 denga, Dengas dont come up often. and I have no idea how rare mine is based on that. and mine looks like the Type II rather then III
  12. japanse "Wave" cash 11 wave type 1768-9 - larger one the other is Chinese emperor Kao Tsung 1736-1795 minted at Board of Public Works.
  13. Been to Bulgaria myself, twice, in fact, used to pick up old Russian coins there for next to nothing, and now they are expensive, will be happy to help with anything here.
  14. couple of nicer coppers I have seen on UK ebay for a while, Denga showing signs of being an overstrike
  15. decent shape? thats the worst one I have seen lol
  16. I thought it was corrosion, but looking at the obverse, something went wrong with the dies.
  17. 2 euros is not ugly. a circulation coin that looks like toy money is though
  18. best ones I found in the token bins were these but lots of usual misc tokens of no value in there
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