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  1. there are quite a few differant 17th century ones as well. do have this error newton one, i believe it is an error rather then post mint due to wear patterns
  2. not enough writing here for me to pin it down, not familliar with the older letters and a fair few missing
  3. i'm guessing you knew that the coin in that lot is was referring to was the ex. rare TERTVS error 1699 halfpenny got these 3 plus a similar grade 1935 farthing (and an average grade 1935 halfpenny) got it for the penny as they are fairly low mintage and a pain to get in top grades, EF is £10 in book 1700 Halfpenny BRIVANNIA error - again ex rare
  4. dunno the purpose of those 1/12 anna but love them
  5. not today, but in the past week. £6.30 (thats including the postage as i factor that in) there is something in here that is a bit special
  6. well i havn't had access to a camera since the last one so yea. hopefully it will be similar to the last one, especialy as i picked up some nice bits since then
  7. would depend if the 1895 farthing is the older head or the younger bun head type. the latter is scarce.
  8. rather not do that. oki, had a look at a french site (just checking french regionals) and found that the cross design was used in avignon, but can't find anything involving the single key, incidently it has a papal link, but i have only seen crossed keys.
  9. i can tell you the design on the obverse is a key with something going across it, which i can't make out.
  10. old, battered and scarce unbarred A's in britannia - again rare if this is 100% the case. i like it because the reverse is still quite well detailed 1771 fartings are rather scarce these 3... all farly scarce... got them all at once for a rather expencive.... 15 pence rarest coin here perhaps... bought off ebay for £2 with a normal 1879 penny, perhaps around 1000 of these left
  11. when i go to europe i gather a few. my fave one. got in berlin - 2006 J, bizzarly it has a copper band around the outside of the central part
  12. thought it would be french or crusader but, cant see anything that matches that cross design, other side has no portrait, some sort of design (again similar to french designs where they have a letter and a design)
  13. get my hands on an example of henry VIII (so tudors are finished) then get a few other monarchs i yet to have an example of get a danzig
  14. i would say they were minted for curculation as well
  15. didn't we have that last year? and opted out because everyone voted gold
  16. 2011 20p a couple of weeks ago and today a 2011 1p
  17. my top 3 is difficult, i have 1 then about 4 or 5 close 2nds my most valuable coin bought for 10p worth £100 now it get difficult as i have so many scarce coins, and coins i love for what they are but, this, estimated to only be 1000 in existance, i could not really ignore this a few more of these in existance, but not so many in VF or higher like this one, still quite rare
  18. i have a medal i picked up in pearl harbour which covers rememberance for this event and pearl harbour
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