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  1. Denomination: 5 Rupees Metal: Nickel-Brass Mint: Mumbai Mint Mark: Diamond Weight: 6.00 gms Diameter: 23.00 mm Shape: Circular Below coin will be circulated:
  2. Makjain

    Indian Mint

    Hi, Only website which includes all coins of all Indian mints. Indiancurrencies.com
  3. Hi, First ever website to display the images of all regular coins of India from 1950 to till date. Coins are categorized into mints and than into Republic Coins and Commemorative Coins. Indian coin collectors will love this website and hope others will also take interest in indian coins. Link Indiancurrencies.com
  4. Hey Guys, Just to inform you all that our most awaited section of Indian Regular Commemorative Coins are now included in website with images. Link for the same is http://www.indiancurrencies.com So all are requested to have a look at it and do provide us the feedback on the same.
  5. Can you tell which online website would be preferable to sell coins???
  6. Hi, Just to inform you guys that I have launched the website on Indian currencies wherein coins with images from 1950 to till date are included. I believe this to be an first ever website to displays coins of each mint. So please have a look and do provide me feedback on the same. The URL of the website is Coins of India
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