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  1. Really sad to say that very many Singapore Dealers ARE not honest..........they will snook anybody and everybody even fellow Singaporean collectors ! I no longer trust or buy from any of these.......
  2. Sorry to disappoint you, but the exact note with the same printer's notation (o734828 + 7.9.37) "similar pen smudings - thick & thin)" in the top margin of note, was sold in the Singapore Spink auction of 20 June 1998 for SGD1,700 to a local collector!
  3. And I still have to pay to travel to Malaysia? At US$130,000.........at least throw in a free economy class air ticket
  4. You are quite correct, we were discussing abt Straits Settlement 10cents emergency series with the notation - No: - after the Prefix letter of the notes.
  5. Thanks See323........for locating and transfering the info, am sure many of the 'current' Singapore collectors will be enlighten and amazed about this particular series. What do you reckon the value of the signed notes and the uncut ones to be? From your experience, is there a demand for these notes?
  6. Hi all, I would love to hear from any collectors or anyone with knowledge with regards to this 'wildcat' bank of early 1800s, from MI.
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