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  1. There were definately coins with British monarch potraits circulating in the US Colonies, before they were States. Here's a link that may help answer your questions. http://www.coins.nd.edu/ColCoin/
  2. Agreed! That Aethelred II is my favorite so far...keep them coming
  3. Nice find Clive. That's a hard Aethelred issue to come by in such condition
  4. Killer example. The details on this Tealby are incredible. Definately a Bust A. I also can make out the top pellet of the trefoil of pellets between the mantel and hand...North 952/1
  5. When registering for a new account, is an activation e-mail expected? I registered a while ago, and have not received one. My account is also not accessible? Help
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