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  1. Searching for silver quarters in circulation I found one that I thought it is a silver quarter because of its edge,

    just white as all silver ones, however once I took it in my hands I realized that it bears regular date from 2000 and it is  P mint (so not silver).

    All quarters from P and D mints have visible copper colors on its edge. But not this one.

    I placed it on scale and its weight is 5.84 grams - compared to another regular was 5.68. 

    Does anyone know why this quarter has a white color nickel edge and has no copper there ?   

  2. thank you so much for your respond,

    the proper name of it I think should be at least like

    "antiquarian forgery of Troubetzkoy ruble" or "modern copy of Troubetzkoy ruble"

    thanks again for your words, I think so too, somebody sees this coin as a real ruble

    I do  not have Bitkin on hands, this ruble was reference as R4 in Bitkin.

    Does it say that there that this ruble is a fake of Troubetzkoy ?       


  3. I think that it is about a tea.

    Tea was brought to Russia from China back to XVII-XVIII c.

    Chinese wanted a trade with Russia and the trade village was built at the Russian-Chinese board named  Кяхта, on Chinese territory - Маймачен.

    To China, Russian sent furs, back received Tea чай.

    Chinese tea later in XIX c. almost replaced the Russian kvas.

    Tea boxes from China had signs:

    ТМ и К*

    (instead of star is a little upper o).

    So, the topic tokens may be related to it. 

    If you search Russian sites with my info - you will see the boxes marked with similar letters so tokens were probably used for trade purposes too.  




  4. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone would like to get rid (for good pay) of the Christies 1950 auction catalog with plates,

    the selection from Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich coins and medals collection,

    please let me know to PM.

    No need of copies and PDF files ! Original only !

    Thank you in advance all  who respond !

    P.S. If anyone would like to get rid (for money) of any other Russian specialized auction catalogs please PM me.


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