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  1. I did get an email back from one valuer, they stated that: "Whilst it is certainly unusual for the letter ‘O’ to be used in a prefix, I am not aware that it is any scarcer than any other prefix letter in this series. Your note is not in top condition – from your images it looks around VG to Fine – and I would estimate a market value at around £80 to £100."
  2. Thanks - I did read all the information in that link, very interesting. However I was specifically interested in how the prefix could affect the value, if at all. I'll email Rezwan and see if he can help, thanks again.
  3. Hi - I've had this note for some time now, it was given to me by a family friend a long time ago. I was wondering about it's current value if I were to sell it. The things that I have found out about it so far: It's a 1917 King George V One Rupee Signed A. C. Mc Watters Prefix ‘O’ - The only instance of prefix ‘O’ being used in Indian Paper Money is in the 1st Issue of King George V One Rupee. The prefix ‘O’ is never used in Indian Paper Money as it is confused with the numeral zero. I don't know if the "O" prefix affects the valuation? Similar notes have sold for £100-£1000 I see, however I can't find any with this prefix to gauge it's value. Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated.
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