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  1. Thanks. I am glad you liked the pictures. However, I do not really have a good setup for taking photos of my coins so the only thing I can do is scan them. The good thing about scanning is that you have a very consistent exposure to light. Still, my experience shows that characteristics such as nice toning or full mint luster can get lost when you scan coins. There are also still some images missing (for example in the Prussian 1 Thaler section) because I do not have these in my collection yet. The only advantage for me is that when I am on a coin fair I can check the website on my phone t
  2. Hi everyone, a couple of months ago I started creating a online catalog for German pre 1945 coinage: oldgermancoins.com It covers the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich but also German colonies and occupied territories. There you can find information such as images, mintage, weight on many different coin types and also get a bit of a historical background. Furthermore, as I am a collector of Prussian coins, I started implementing coins of Brandenburg/Prussia. I am working on the website for a few hours every week and try to add new coins or new information every time.
  3. Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a young collector from Germany and I am into coin collecting since I was 6 or so. Anyway, I collect German coins from before 1945, especially coins from German collonies and coins from Brandenburg/Prussia, that have been minted before 1874. The diversity of German States minor coins is just fascinating Best regards from Berlin
  4. The edge inscriptions look absolutely fine to me and I also agree with ccg, unfortunately these coins look as if someone had cleaned them. Anyway, even though it is not hard to find this type of a coin, getting one that has never been cleaned in at least AU condition is a challenge!
  5. Exactly. It is a 2 Heller coin from Austria. Mintage numbers for this type were rather large.
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