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  1. Apparently one came through the area recently and a friend of mine got a call about the coin. By the time he was able to call the gentleman back... To late, coin was sold. OUCH! Easily a MILLION PLUS
  2. Has anyone seen or held one of these coins?
  3. No real reason other than I enjoy looking at them, just thought it might be nice to have a few graded. I usually just put 1 or 2 in coin flips for that reason.
  4. Is there a problem with modern US coins being counterfeited?
  5. With this being a first yr issue is this it good idea to have the coin graded?
  6. So i just ordered a roll of the 2016 Australian Kangaroo! Not really for the investment but i like that it's a First Yr Issue and .9999 silver.
  7. Ok so i've been doing a little buying here and there and i recently bought a Jackie Kennedy coin for my mother. I like the fact that they are 24k but it doesn't seem like there is a real demand for them. I've seen some sights and ebay that you can buy the earlier one (i.e. '07's) for close to spot. Does anyone collect these. Good investment??
  8. I know a guy that purchases off CCE and i was thinking about doing some purchasing through him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  9. So i'm dragging my feet over here ahead of Wednesday's FOMC meeting trying to anticipate how low spot will go... Any one want to throw out a prediction? (NOT HOLDING YOU TO IT)
  10. I'm looking to buy a significant amount of gold but i'm hesitant because i'm not sure what to expect going forward... Should i wait? If so, how low will it go??
  11. What are some of the better buys you guys are seeing on silver bullion? Wait times??
  12. I've recently seen several different options on graded silver. The Moy signature silver eagles have really caught my eye but have a crazy high price on the PCGS price guide. Now i've gotten some really good deals on the coins but never pay close to price guide value. What are your thoughts/opinions??
  13. What are your thoughts about the coming silver rally outperforming all previous?
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