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  1. Had another look at the coin tonight, it does possibly look like it had a loop on the top, although its been missing years as its almost smooth where it could have been. Would love to know more about it, but it seems to be rare as hens teeth... Any other forums more medallion based I could ask on?
  2. Here we go, images of the coin
  3. I am starting to think its a medal of some sorts, no value on it although no hole on it :/
  4. No that is all the text on it. I do not personally have a scanner but I will have to try and find one I can use. The coin appears to be bronze I think. It's quite a dark coin. I literally searched for 2 hours last night through google images and found nothing.
  5. Good evening. Just signed up to the site as I cannot find any info on a coin I have been given. And hope somebody can help me identify it. I cannot get pictures as its a bit worn for my camera phone. It is George V. Right facing. On one side. With in commemoration of the coronation of king George and queen Mary 1911. The other side is 3 shields. 1 lion, 3 lions and a harp. With a crown above them and 1911 under the crown. With George v. King of greater Britain & emperor of India 1911. I have googled and googled and cannot find another picture of one. Thanks for any
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