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  1. I do not collect "errors" but can easily understand their growing popularity and a friend of mine has an Elizabeth 11 20p without a date and wonders if it has much value, can anyone enlighten us please.
  2. A friend of mine has just shown me an Elisabeth11nd 20p coin with no date on it, is this unusual?
  3. Hi to all members, collectors and visitors from a newbie here. I am a bit of an interloper as I confess to not being an avid coin collector and by no means unique as I inherited them from a relative in the late 1970s and only purchased a Victoria half and full sovereign at that time to add value and a (HA!! HA!!) bit of “street cred” to it and along with a few medals it does give me pleasure to look at a couple of times a month, mainly from an historical more than monetary value.
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