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  1. Here are two more coins that don't seem to be in guides -- They are about 16.3 mm in diameter, and 0.8 mm thick.
  2. I assume this is a Ch'ing Dynasty coin, but I cannot find it in any of the identification guides. Can anyone help? Thanks, Richard
  3. Thanks much, that answers my question.
  4. I have a variety of old Chinese coins, and I can ID the bronze ones, but this one I can't find. I'm assuming it is copper, obviously struck not cast. Can anyone help? Thanks, Richard
  5. I finally found one 511/518 on Heritage, for sale by the owner for about $1000, but it looks like it has been listed for a couple of years.
  6. I just had this graded by NGC, and they said it was an F-511/518 b. I can't find a 518 listed anywhere on the internet, and I know the various versions of this token are assigned a rarity number. Does anyone know what the rarity of this token is? thanks, Richard
  7. My dad, who is 95 and was in the Pacific in WWII, said this coin was a favorite souveneer to bring back home. I tried to identify it from the characters, but it does not seem to fit into the normal Japanese system. It is the size of a half dollar. Any ideas as to what it is?
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