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  1. ok, I found it. The one I am looking at is a fake and partially that's why I was unable to identify it; It's a bad fake. It is an attempt at faking this real one depicted below.
  2. no this is a private owner and I am in Afghanistan. Many fakes i have already uncovered here, I look into each coin carefully, this is the first one I have not been able to identify at all.
  3. Here is a picture front and back of a gold coin that I am interested in buying, however, I can not seem to verify if it's an actual coin. The owner says that this is a King Mir Zakah coin, but I have my doubts and believe him to be wrong. It is 2.14 grams os solid gold as far as I can tell, however I haven't conducted testing for that yet. Can anyone help me identify this coin and maybe an idea of its worth.
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