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  1. A pic of the ghost bars which are pretty common. Very hard to get a clear pic of this, so hopefully you can make them out. Cheers
  2. Hi, Would anyone have expertise in the double bar 1966 silver round Aussie 50c? From what little knowledge I have there are quite a few with 'ghost double bars' only worth their weight in silver, but I was going through an old collection I have of these coins, and this one has very prominent double bars. I'm aware of the general history behind these bars, but I have never seen one like this. If anyone has any more information, please fill me in. Cheers
  3. Thanks, price ended up being a bit steep for me, and you're right in that there's no certainty that it is real from these local auctions
  4. Thank you, it was a very interesting read, most appreciated
  5. I'm looking at picking this coin up at auction tomorrow, and know the rough price guidelines, but am not familiar on where I should rate this coin in this condition between circulated and uncirculated. Am I right at looking at a purchase price at around US$50? There seems to be a big difference in worth from one end of the scale to the other. Edit: I just noticed the top of right wing of eagle near end of wreath looks like some sort of error, is this a known variant? Edit 2: I know I'm talking to myself at this stage, but Die Polishing? Would this increase the value of the coin in this
  6. Great, thank you for your assistance
  7. Hi there, I'm Paul from Australia, love the site. I'm interested in all types of coins but don't collect them as such, but love researching them & normally sell onto collectors. I usually come across coins at my local auctions or garage sales, and am finding new ones I haven't come across every week. I posted one of my coins in the ancient forum section that I forgot I picked from a garage sale a few years ago and never researched- ancient is an unknown field of expertise for me! Anyway, glad to be here and I look forward to learning off the experts and sharing where I can!
  8. Hi all, could I please ask for help identifying attached? I've looked everywhere on the net, but no luck. Horse/ horseman on both sides, 2.4cm diameter, 10 grams, possibly Greek or Celts or fake. Coin is upset on each side by 180 degrees- stamped upside down on one side. Thanks for any help.
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