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  1. I was hoping there was an on-line list of each country and where its coinage is minted. Lots of research must be done. It seems that countries don't advertise that their coinage is minted elsewhere. Only coin collectors would really care. It's like most iPhone owners think their phones are made in the USA as Apple is a USA company but is really manufactured in China. Civil aircraft are manufactured by Boeing near Seattle or in Europe by Airbus; countries like Russia and China fly no aircraft manufactured in their countries; even the designs and logos are painted elswehere.
  2. Having collected US coins all my life, I took it for granted that all countries mint their own coinage. I always had friends going on trips to bring back some coins as souvenirs for me. Recently I learned that all countries do not mint their own coins. This is upsetting to me but is a fact. I have been trying to research where coins of each country are minted but there's little information available on-line. For instance, I learned that Israels' coins are minted in South Korea by KOMSCO. The KOMSCO site admits to minting for other nations but won't tell which. Where can I see a list of countries which mint for themselves and which don't? It seems they want it kept a secret. Finally, where are the Euros minted, by each member member or are they made elsewhere? Thanks.
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